Fluff Software updates the business as it looks to expand

By Nick Batten on 14 April, 2022

Fluff Software, a software development agency based in Swindon, has gone through a number of positive changes in the first quarter of 2022 – recently updating its name from Fluff Digital to Fluff Software, adding to its team and also celebrating a move into shared workspace, The Workshed in Swindon. 

The changes come at an important time for the company, as it enters its third year of trading, and looks to expand further and take on new clients. 

Owner, Scott Gulliver, said, “Software is changing the world. We’re seeing industries move into exciting new areas and challenge the status quo.

“As we help more non-technical companies navigate the new landscape, this is where I’m personally seeing the most exciting developments. Our vision is to give companies of all sizes the ability to deliver truly transformative software projects. The name change underlines this and clearly states what we provide.” 

Being situated in central Swindon, alongside many other tech driven and creative businesses that operate from the Workshed, Fluff is now well placed to thrive and grow. 

New addition Alban Hampton has been hired with a strategic focus for the year on social media and he will also be delivering software development for Fluff’s clients. 

Scott said, “With his love of technology and software, Alban is going to be helping us to build some amazing projects. He’s also got a great ability to break down technical concepts – and this is going to be key with our need to look outward, connect with companies, and help them with expert advice. Alban’s interest in software development will enable us to create more compelling content and connect with our audience too.” 

With technology being high on the agenda for many companies, Fluff is helping many to implement their own custom software and mobile apps. 

Scott added, “Improving our name, taking on Alban and a move into fresh and modern premises sets us up for growth, enabling our clients to work with us in a creative space. Our promise is to continue to make a real difference to those we work with, delivering game changing software.” 

Scott and his team have even developed an online recommendation tool that allows businesses to discover where they are on their software journey. So whether you’re a startup with an idea or an experienced CTO, you find out what you’ll need.

Try it out for yourself here https://www.fluff.software/recommendation 

Pictured above: (left to right) Scott Gulliver and Alban Hampton