Five new jobs created in The Brunel Shopping Centre with foreign exchange branch opening

By Anita Jaynes on 15 October, 2015

One of Britain’s largest foreign exchange providers has recently created five new jobs with the opening of its 114th branch inside The Brunel Shopping Centre.

Eurochange, which provides a comprehensive range of travel currencies to individuals and businesses, is continuing its UK expansion with this new bureau de change in Swindon.

The branch, located on the ground floor of the shopping centre, is the latest of twenty new openings this year for currency specialists Eurochange, who also have nearby branches in Bath and Salisbury.

These openings illustrate the company’s continued commitment to reach a wider number of consumers and make foreign exchange as simple and accessible as possible for holidaymakers throughout the South West.

Praised for delivering fair value pricing, convenient locations and expert staff, Eurochange handle over two million customer transactions each year.

“At the end of a busy and successful summer period we are delighted to continue the growth of our branch network, highlighting the public’s desire for a quick, reliable and efficient travel money service” said Giles Custerson, Managing Director of Eurochange.

In addition to its travel money services, Eurochange operates an International Payments service which allows money to be sent overseas via the same banking systems that high street banks use, ensuring money arrives safely and securely.

Eurochange recently reported that due to weaker Euro rates meaning on average a holiday is 10% better value than a year ago, many of their customers were shunning long haul destinations in favour of short haul destinations in Europe.

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