First of its kind technology experience store launches in Swindon

By Anita Jaynes on 30 November, 2015

A new business has been launched in Swindon allowing individuals and businesses to embrace the latest in cutting edge technology.

A group of four friends have taken their passion for technology and worked together to create a unique new concept, the first of its kind in the UK. Rotus Motus is a technology experience store based on Edgware Road in the centre of the town.  The shop gives you the opportunity to engage with tech that is otherwise inaccessible to the masses. They offer lessons, experiences and bespoke team building events from just £20.
Gadgets include AirWheels, AirBoards, MyndPlay Experiences, 3D printing technology and virtual reality.

The idea behind the business is to make inaccessible technology accessible, inspiring people to think of new ideas for how the technology can be used, helping to create the inventors of the future. The Rota Motus team all come from technology backgrounds having worked for the Institute of IT, as CAD designers and product ambassadors for brands such as Samsung. Jo Allen head of sales and marketing said: “We all love gadgets and technology and can see the possibilities for future use. People need to engage with this technology to be able to come up with new innovations. By becoming social with it new ideas will flourish.”

Swindon was specifically chosen to launch the brand due to its key demographic. There are a lot of young professionals in the town, the average age is 33 and many of its residents work for companies like Intel, the British Computer Society (BCS) and Nokia.

Jo continued: “There is a population of 240,000 people in Swindon and a catchment of 800,000 within a half an hour drive on the M4. The dream is that by launching Rota Motus in a tech-savvy town, it will give us the platform we need to achieve our ambition – to have a store in every city of the UK.”

Rota Motus are working with inventors to get their products out there, supporting and showcasing their work. The ambition is to get more gadgets into store as soon as they are released, with plans for inventor fairs in the future.

The team is passionate about supporting British inventions, as only 0.3% of the world’s inventors are in the UK and most of this comes from large blue-chip companies with specialised research and development departments.

Visit them online at: