First creative co-working space to open in Swindon

By Anita Jaynes on 9 February, 2016

Local entrepreneurs are set to benefit from Swindon’s first creative co-working space, which opens in Old Town next month.

It’s not easy working from home when you’re setting up a new business, but many micro or small business owners don’t have the budget to rent their own office.

However, from March, a new co-working space offering flexible ad-hoc or monthly desk space for entrepreneurs will open above The Core on Devizes Road in Old Town, Swindon.

The 100 square metre open-plan room will provide a bright, open and inspiring environment for up to twenty business people at one time.

Desk Co-work’s founder Matt Greenwood wants to create an entrepreneurial hub.

“When I first set up my business, I worked between home and a coffee shop – both of which were a struggle. At home, there are many distractions and coffee shops are very expensive. I’d spend nearly £10 a day on food and coffee.

“I found that although there are a lot of office spaces available in Swindon, they all feel like soul crushing corporate environments, limiting the capacity to think creatively and engage with new ideas and ventures.

“Blue carpets, monotonous office furniture and enclosing low ceilings are something that I cannot stand. When I spent a few days at Google HQ in Dublin last year the offices were full of grass, swings, sofas and pool tables. That ‘Googley’ feel is what we are going for.”

Matt wants Desk Co-work to become Swindon’s creative business hub, helping to bring entrepreneurs of all industries, age groups and backgrounds together in one place.

“I realised that I wasn’t alone – there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of sole traders and small business owners in Swindon and Wiltshire. That’s when I decided that they needed a home, and Desk Co-work was born.

“We want to build a fun community, we’re not only about ‘hot-desking’. Members will be able to come to our weekly events where there willl be guest entrepreneurs putting on workshops and talks. It’ll have a social buzz too with co-work users eating pizza and drinking beer while relaxing on bean bags pondering over their next big ideas.”

Other items on the agenda of Desk Co-work include yoga and healthy living workshops.

“It’s no longer about a work-life balance. Work is life for entrepreneurs and this should be fun in a world where a forty-hour working week takes up over 20% of your waking life.

“Swindon has so much potential that I want to see it come together.”

To find out more about the co-working space or to become a member email: or visit: