Expert joins leading Swindon training provider

By Anita Jaynes on 21 December, 2016

Professional facilitator and trainer Lindsay Marcer has joined the team at one of Swindon’s most respected management development and coaching companies Bespoke Training Services.

Lindsay, who lives in the town, is an experienced learning and development specialist and had a previous career with the Research Councils for 25 years before becoming a freelance professional. Now she’s part of the team at Bespoke, which has its HQ in Swindon’s Old Town.

She said: “I’ve always wanted to train – since my first training course at the Research Council. After I had the opportunity to do some volunteer mentoring, I realised that was what I should be doing.  Although I came to training later in life, it has really enriched my current role because of my wealth of practical knowledge and experience.”

Lindsay was born in Rotherham but her family moved to Swindon when she was seven years old and she’s lived in the town ever since.

Her first task working at the Research Councils was to look after the security of the rocks that came back from the moon and make sure none went missing while they were being loaned out to schools, universities and research facilities.

Later as a project and finance manager she often worked overseas and even served as the UK representative at CERN in Switzerland; and as Head of Finance for the Joint Astronomy Centre on the Big Island of Hawaii.

She said: “Projects and organisations often fail because of people. Time and again there is a disconnect between individuals and their line managers. Many people don’t realise there are different ways of doing things. While different working styles can create conflict, that can be beneficial once people see how something can be useful rather than a barrier.

“An awareness of self and others, plus communicating effectively, leads to a greater appreciation and understanding of other members of the team.”

Anne Messer, Managing Director of Bespoke Training Services said: “Lindsay is a great asset to the team and with her profiling experience we are able to deliver an enhanced service to our clients.”

Bespoke Training Services, based in Old Town, Swindon, is a leading provider of training services for SMEs and corporations. Clients have included Eduserv, Campack, Scottish & Southern Energy, Berendsen (formerly Sunlight Laundry), the Samaritans, Grimsby Citizens Advice Bureau, Wiltshire Law Centre and Tecan Precision Engineering, Cranfield University and Apetito. For more details visit:

Pictured above: Lindsay Marcer, the new team member at Bespoke Training Services.