Expanding your construction company internationally -What you need to know

By Anita Jaynes on 28 May, 2021

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Almost all construction companies start with humble beginnings, starting as local operations that grow into leading businesses industry. Those looking to expand their business internationally may find it a little challenging to do so. To achieve this goal for your business, there are various strategies to be taken into consideration. 

There is good news for those operating in the construction industry, thanks to the rapidly growing population, there is expected to be a rise in the demand for general construction worldwide. Meaning there will be more opportunities available and the possibility for companies to expand their construction businesses internationally.

For construction companies looking to take advantage of this potential substantial demand, here are just a few things you need to know about expanding your company internationally.

Check For A Demand In Service

Avoid assuming that as a growing construction firm, it will be simple to tap into a booming market in a specific area. Instead, conduct research and see if there is a specific demand in the industry for your strongest services. Your research may show that there is a country spending billions on grand infrastructure improvements that potentially may, or may not, have a demand for warehouse specialists or homebuilders. Additionally, avoid considering expanding your construction business into a market that is already brimming with providers or is declining instead of thriving.

Aside from researching countries and markets to grow in, bypass any attempts to expand into services that your company has limited experience with providing. Begin with your strongest fields, then perfect other specialities within your current area. This way you will be able to have more direct control over any unfamiliar processes that may occur, compared to them appearing in another country where you might have limited control. 

Ensure You Have Support (Internally And Externally)

Despite only a fraction of your construction firm being in direct involvement with any of the international projects, the company overall and all its employees should collectively support the decision.

Aside from the collective support from the internal workforce, finding support externally to help with the expansion is also important. For example, you may find yourself requiring construction financial advice for your company about the costs involved in expanding business internationally. Firm’s such as Goodman Jones offer excellent construction financial advice, as well as an array of construction accounting services.

Select A Management Team You Can Trust

Forming a proactive and tech-savvy team is crucial for the success of any business. As such, you must have a construction team that consists of individuals you greatly trust. Aside from having a wealth of experience, they should also have the knowledge and capabilities to overcome any obstacles or challenges that your company may encounter on the expansion journey.

This select group can either be formed of professionals that you have worked closely with in the past. You may choose these individuals as you know what to expect and what they are capable of achieving. The alternate option is asking for references from your current network of professionals. Learn as much about each candidate as possible, so you feel confident in the final choices you make. Whilst there might be numerous reasons to expand internationally, it is vital that you feel confident in your company’s choices on international expansion.