Executive coaching positively affects organisational & commercial success

By Anita Jaynes on 3 March, 2014

As business leaders work their way up the corporate ladder, opportunities for access to training and development are often reduced. They can experience a combination of having to “play the political game” whilst finding themselves at a senior level with a reduced pool of confidants with whom they feel comfortable disclosing issues and seeking advice. To tackle this challenge, many CEOs are implementing executive coaching programmes and finding it significantly contributes to organisational and leadership success.

Specialist global hospitality, tourism and event management training company, HT Training & Coaching has recently launched a series of flexible “coaching on demand” packages, which include a mix of face-to-face, Skype or telephone coaching, are designed to fit in with clients’ diary and logistical restrictions and work on a cumulative time “bundle” basis.

Director, Nina Lovatt stated: “Coaching is key to inspiring managers and executives to be the best possible professional versions of themselves, providing them with a confidential forum to discuss issues and receive unbiased advice in a non-judgemental environment. Results are tangible, measurable and can make an outstanding impact on personal and professional performance, as well as profit!”

Themes commonly addressed are: developing the coachee as a leader; achieving personal and professional goals and objectives; career development and planning; and the development of women in senior leadership positions.

Former coachee and Corporate Sales Development Manager of Corinthia Hotels, Petra Ellul-Mercer, said:  “The challenging self-analysis enabled me to develop successful solutions and in the process, increased my self-confidence when tackling some of the more difficult challenges in the workplace and within my personal life. Coaching with HT Training & Coaching has helped me better understand those around me and improve my leadership style.”

Lovatt and her co-director, Rosemary Bannister, are qualified, experienced coaches, and Licensed Practitioners for Insights Discovery® and other professional, sales and leadership development programmes.

To find out more about HT Training & Coaching’s services, email info@httraining.co.uk or visit www.httraining.co.uk.