Excalibur urges local firms to protect themselves against CryptoLocker Virus

By Anita Jaynes on 6 July, 2015

Swindon based Excalibur Communications and IT for business is warning businesses about the new Cryptolocker virus.

There has been an influx of Cryptolocker virus cases in the last few weeks and Excalibur want to remind local companies on how to best protect their networks against infection. The idea being to avoid potential threats which could have catastrophic consequences to your company.

What is Cryptolocker?
Cryptolocker is a particularly sophisticated ransomware variant of the password type. It wraps up victims’ files and data in several layers of virtually unbreakable encryption before demanding ransoms of several hundred dollars.

Visit this link for Excalibur’s full recommendations and advice on how to beat the virus.

To find out more about Excalibur’s communications and IT for business offering go to: www.ex-c.co.uk