Excalibur support Paralympian Louise Hunt

By Anita Jaynes on 10 March, 2014

Excalibur help Swindon’s tennis Paralympian Louise Hunt stay in touch with friends and family whilst on tour.

Louise has been playing tennis since she was 5 and is currently ranked number 19 in the world for singles and 12 for doubles. This sees her travelling to various locations around the world participating in tennis tournaments.

Excalibur have donated a HP laptop with full IT support to Louise. As all the matches are recorded, she will be able to play back the footage on her laptop and analyse her performance post game- something extremely important to her career. She will be analysing things such as the best shots and body positioning to improve for future games. This will be invaluable to Louise as she will now have her own equipment to conduct the analysis on, whereas before she only had access to the videos straight after the match for a short time.

The laptop will also be somewhat of a lifeline to her whilst she’s away, giving her access to video meetings and much needed contact with her friends, family and colleagues.

So far this year, Louise has travelled to Preston, Bolton and Switzerland for tournaments which have seen her rise a place in the world rankings already. She’s then off to Arizona and Louisiana, followed by a training block for 5 weeks, part of which will be in Spain.

Louise commented, “I would like to thank Excalibur for their support, it’s really going to make a massive difference in my performance as it’s crucial for me to be able to thoroughly analyse every game in my own time. It’s how I’m able to improve after every tournament and hopefully gain even higher rankings. It’s also going to brilliant to be able to speak to everyone back home too as I’m away so much. Plus I can catch up with my psychologist and fitness instructor who are all based here.”

Excalibur, who provide business communications solutions to companies throughout the UK, were in the ideal position to help Louise and after a chance meeting with CEO James Phipps at an event in 2012. James said, “I met Louise a year or so back and her dedication to the sport is outstanding. Her personality and enthusiasm is clear when you meet her and I really wanted to get involved and do what we could to help. She’s doing extremely well already and I know the laptop is going to allow her to up her game, we’re looking forward to seeing her rise to new heights in her career.”

To find out more about Louise and her sporting journey, visit her website www.louisehunt.net