Excalibur share their top tips for ensuring business continuity

By Anita Jaynes on 4 August, 2015

Most businesses will experience data loss or a disaster at some time in their evolution. It’s a harsh reality with real consequences, especially if you are unprepared. Right now, could your business continue to operate if your systems were compromised?

Planning for the worst is part of running a business, while mitigating risk and minimising potential repercussions is what disaster planning is all about.

We recommend installing comprehensive disaster recovery products to ensure you have a resilient, reliable data backup and recovery solution. This will keep your business productive and set your mind at ease, no matter what happens.

The products Excalibur provide are tailored to your company requirements in line with the information you need to protect. Should a disaster happen, you can easily recover files, folders, hard drives, inboxes and even entire servers.

Here are just a few of the benefits our solutions provide…

  • Fast restoration of files, folders, entire drives or servers
  • Secure individual device management
  • Automatic backups configured to your exact specifications
  • Anti virus & spam
  • Email encryption
  • Web filtering
  • Industry-leading storage mediums to deliver efficient storage with minimum fuss
  • Safe, secure storage solutions for physical and virtual environments
  • Always on, always protected

Excalibur have a team of engineers who are qualified and experienced in the design and build of reliable data backup and disaster recovery systems. We don’t just provide the platform and leave you to it, we configure, manage and support you throughout the lifecycle of the product and most importantly, you can rest assured that whatever happens, your business can continue to operate.

To find out more about the services Excalibur provide visit: www.ex-c.co.uk or call 01793 744286

Pictured above: James Phipps, CEO of Excalibur