Excalibur move to new heights of communication

By Anita Jaynes on 7 July, 2015

Excalibur, whose exemplary level of customer service has made it a force to be reckoned with in communications and IT, has completed the first phase of its move into the award-winning Arclite House in Swindon.

The entire Excalibur team has quickly settled into an open-plan space at their new home (there are no separate offices for management), with the go-ahead company already busy pressing on with a dedicated floor to be known as ‘The Cloud’.  Featuring an inter-active suite for companies to see how the latest technology can benefit their business, The Cloud will host a programme of Excalibur events, and is also available for external hire.

As Excalibur’s CEO James Phipps explains, this is the company’s third move in five years, but Arclite House has been chosen as the long-term location for the company’s ambitious growth plans.

“As soon as we walked in, we knew it was right for us”, he said.  “It is the leading office space in the area, a stand-out, iconic building, that reflects our ambitions.   Our open-plan environment significantly enhances collaboration, which contributes significantly to us providing industry-leading service levels”.

James, who is keen to stress that the move has been achieved with no disruption whatsoever to its 6,000-plus supported customer base, added:

“We wanted to stay in Swindon and had been looking to move for a long time but waited until we could find the best possible environment for our staff and customers – a place where people would feel inspired”.

He continued:  “We also enjoy plenty of natural light and some very pleasant views of the adjacent lagoon. Happy motivated staff enjoy coming to work and can achieve great things, which has no doubt contributed to our best ever sales quarter.  We want this to be the happiest office space in the UK to come to work”.

Looking ahead into its second phase, Excalibur’s new base will include a gym, two kitchens and canteen areas with lounge, pool table and games.  And to further relax from the often hectic world of communications/IT, a designated ‘quiet room’ is being created.

Staff have been consulted throughout the move, contributing to a special ‘Excalibur Wordle’ culture wall at the heart of the operations floor, choosing words they feel best describe the company – the most popular choice being ‘family’.