Excalibur has Brains

By Anita Jaynes on 5 February, 2016

Excalibur has won the race to become communications partner for S.A Brain, the fast-growing Welsh pub estate, which is home to Brains Bitter.

For a 24/7 hospitality business with 2,400 staff encompassing 238 pubs, bars and hotels and more than 50 ‘Coffee#1’ shops in Wales, and the south of England, S.A. Brain required proactive account management of its mobile phone infrastructure, as the company’s business support manager, Craig Coombs, explained:

“Excalibur are very hands-on and thorough, which is exactly what we need.  We appreciated the honesty and openness that they demonstrated throughout the tender.  This is already developing into first class support that we cannot fault”.

S.A.Brain (which is owned by descendants of those who founded the company back in 1882), wanted to identify handsets that were fit for purpose and compatible with their existing mobile device management platform.  They also wanted to help staff affected by poor signal areas and introduce emergency Wi-Fi device access for new locations and for personnel with temporary connectivity issues.

Excalibur has provided Vodafone Sure Signal devices, which enables connection to several mobiles and Wi-Fi connected calls.  Following a trial, Moto G smartphone handsets have been chosen by S.A.Brain.

James Phipps, CEO at Excalibur said:  “To support S.A. Brain as it makes such impressive progress, our industry-leading level of customer service will help them grow, with our role as communications provider allowing their workforce to be more productive.”

Pictured above: James Phipps, CEO at Excalibur