EU Opinion sought by BBC Today at Excalibur

By Anita Jaynes on 20 June, 2016

Top presenter John Humphrys visited Excalibur Communications in Swindon for BBC Radio Four’s Today programme to interview James Phipps about the European Union Referendum.

James, the CEO at Excalibur, explained to Humphrys that he would be voting to leave the EU.

“If we remain in the European Union, I certainly wouldn’t want to be a business owner in 20 years’ time”, said James, who was making his third appearance on the Today programme, after his opinions were previously sought on Jeremy Corbyn becoming labour leader, migration and legislation regarding overtime, and how it could affect businesses.

On the EU, he added: “For me it’s black and white.  I feel passionately that the project as it is now is not right.  If genuine change had been offered then I’d have been very positive about remaining inside the EU but without that genuine change, I think the project is doomed to fail, so therefore I don’t want to hang around to see it happen.”

During the interview at Excalibur’s Arclite House, James also said: “In practical terms, the EU legislation on roaming has had a radical effect on how mobile providers look at their pricing.”

John argued that this was great for the consumer, but James replied: “Corporates don’t like making less money – their losses are simply passed down to smaller companies like us who still have the static cost of servicing the customer but now at a reduced revenue.  We deal with over 30,000 mobile users so it will directly affect the revenue and the profitability of the business this year.”

John also commented on the EU’s renowned red tape and the burden of regulation to businesses.

James agreed, citing the ever-increasing amount of health and safety requirements his size of business had to deal with in what is hardly a high-risk environment: He said: “We have invested heavily to ensure that our staff work in a modern, comfortable environment, which by its nature is low risk. However, we have found we are increasingly bogged-down in red tape. Recently we have had to do an ‘ergonomic-assessment’ covering where our team sit, the ambient lighting, chair support, whether they can reach their keyboards correctly.  Just this one health and safety requirement is now five pages long. Our team and their well-being has always been our priority but the administration required is disproportionate.”

Pictured above: Excalibur’s James Phipps (centre), with John Humphrys (right) and BBC 4 Today Producer, John Neal