Environmental consultant pioneers ethics and sustainability for small businesses

By Anita Jaynes on 16 February, 2016

Stuart Brown, an international environmental consultant, has been named as the Head of Ethics and Sustainability for charity People against Poverty (PaP) and its social enterprise Business against Poverty (BaP).

A respected freelance environmental consultant, Stuart will help businesses which are part of the BaP network become more sustainable and profitable. The aim is to support the teams within the network to grow ethically which will, in turn, provide even greater support for families in need in the UK and overseas.

Stuart (60), who is married with two children and three grandchildren, lives in Hilperton, Wiltshire where BaP and PaP are also based.

He was brought up in Truro, Cornwall and although a natural academic, always enjoyed music alongside his studies. He gained a first class degree in chemistry and initially worked as a research chemist for two years before becoming a computer programmer for Thames Water.

His work later took him all over the world and in 1999 he set up his own consultancy after making the decision he wanted to be spend more time closer to home and with his family.

“I have established a reputation as a person who can bring a fresh approach to solving old problems,” he said.

Over the years his projects have taken him to countries including Chile, Vietnam, Mongolia and “most places in between.”

When he turned 60 last year, Stuart decided he wanted to do short term contracts and concentrate more on his love of music. He composed a clarinet concerto after the Nepal earthquake after a request from Val Huxley, chief executive officer of PaP.

She said: “When Stuart put a request out on social media that he wanted to write a symphony but for a purpose, what better than to ask if he would write one for Nepal.  Having just experienced the earthquake and the families whom we work in Kathmandu losing their homes it felt fitting and what he has achieved is mindblowing.”

Stuart has also published ‘A Himalaya Concerto’ to support humanitarian causes.

In his new role with BAP, Stuart will be keeping members up to speed with relevant international policies. He’s planning a series of seminars to help members understand the benefits of sustainable practices.

“I’m very excited about my new role with BAP,” he said.

“It enables me to continue with my humanitarian work and help business owners understand development in a practical way so this is a natural fit.”

Stuart will be leading some workshops for businesses in Wiltshire later this year. Details are available by clicking here