Drive to promote electric cars means law is catching up with technology

By Anita Jaynes on 22 June, 2017

Legislation to encourage the take up of electric vehicles among drivers has been welcomed by UK automotive learning and development company RTS Group.

The Bill, announced in the Queen’s Speech, paves the way for mandatory charging points at service stations, which will help remove one of the biggest barriers to purchase cited by drivers – the vehicles’ range.

Malcolm Miller, managing director of Wiltshire-based RTS Group – which works with automotive manufacturers, including leading manufacturers of electric and hybrid cars – said the announcement meant the law was finally catching up with technology.

“One of the main objections and challenges to investing in electric vehicles is range anxiety and a lack of charging infrastructure,” he said. “This Bill is a ‘nudge’ and hopefully having the weight of government behind it could see a huge increase in charging points – but as ever with government, don’t expect it tomorrow.”

RTS Group supports automotive manufacturers and dealers to develop their frontline staff – including dealer principals, sales, parts and service personnel – to become more effective and so create world-class automotive retailers.

Malcolm added: “Our feedback from working with manufacturers and their dealers across the UK is that the public needs clear information to allow them to make positive decisions about cars with increased levels of autonomous technology and even more clarity about electric and hybrid cars. Dealers need to raise their game in understanding and explaining this technology as it not going away – and our learning and development support is playing its part in this.”

Pictured above: Malcolm Miller, managing director of Wiltshire-based RTS Group