Double appointment at young Wiltshire business

By Anita Jaynes on 22 June, 2015

Two new ladies have joined the team at Active Potential Therapy founded by leading Wiltshire sports therapist Sam Cox.

Antonia Sarnago-Orchard and Anna Gardiner, who are both interested in sport and fitness, have joined the Chippenham-based business to provide administration and marketing support.

Sam Cox, founder of Active Potential Therapy, said: “I’m so excited to have Anna and Antonia on board, together we can offer an even better personal service to our customers and they are helping me drive the business forward this year and beyond.”

Antonia Sarnago-Orchard, 39, is the new marketing administrator at Active Potential Therapy, which is based on the Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate in Chippenham.

She has a career background in marketing in the publishing and IT sectors. She’s also a runner and a martial arts enthusiast especially in Tae Kwon Do in which she’s a third dan blackbelt.

Antonia said: “I’m here to support Sam and to ensure customers feel welcome and cared for in a safe and friendly environment from the moment they come through the door.”

Anna, 37, is the new business administrator. She’s also a keen runner and took part in her first marathon this year in Manchester raising money for south west charity Hope 4 Harmonie, to support a child who lost her limbs to meningitis.

Anna said: “I’m thrilled to be part of a team where I can use my professional skills but also work in a company which speaks to my own passion for keeping fit.”

Active Potential Therapy is becoming known as the go-to centre in Wiltshire for runners with knee and ankle problems; people with back pain or difficulties with their necks or shoulders.

The team offers treatments for older people with mobility problems or who want to keep mobile – including an 89 year old ballerina. They can help with issues such as tightness of the neck and shoulders, chronic conditions such fibromyalgia and MS or difficulties with knees or backs.

The therapists also support young athletes such as ballet dancers, gymnasts, swimmers and rugby players. Among those clients have been elite athletes including members of the GB Skeleton team.

Pictured above from left to right: Antonia, Sam, Anna of Active Potential Therapy