Donate IT: Breaking IT down to build back better

By Anita Jaynes on 29 January, 2021

The Business Exchange is supporting a new initiative launched by Blackmore Ricotech to recycle old technology and raise funds for community causes.

Donate IT is a new project which encourages businesses and individuals to recycle their old tech including laptops, printers, routers, monitors, smartphones, tablets, games and more. The refurbished tech or useful reclaimed elements are then used to raise cash to benefit the Swindon and Wiltshire community. 

Blackmore Ricotech is accepting donations of items which are then thoroughly cleared and cleansed of data before being refurbished or broken down into parts of value. The refurbished tech or component parts are then sold to raise funds to supply schools and local community groups with new equipment.

Steve Edmunds, Chair of Blackmore Ricotech, said, “There are many great schemes popping up to help schools and community groups gain access to technology during the pandemic and beyond.

“Sanitising and recycling IT tech is what we do day in and day out, ensuring we do the best for the planet whilst getting the optimum value for items that can be reused and resold. So naturally we thought, ‘how can we help?’

“We don’t just want your old laptops; we can accept any technology which has value. We will then process it and sell it for the optimum amount and create a fund from the profit generated to buy the tech that is really required in our communities, whether this is refurbished laptops with the correct software or other really needed items such as PC’s, WIFI equipment or printers.” 

Anita Jaynes, Founder of The Business Exchange, said, “My brother-in-law works for Blackmore Ricotech and when he called me to chat about this idea, I thought it was fantastic. We all have unused tech lying around our offices and homes and if we can donate it, prevent it from ending up in landfill and do something good for our community at the same time, it’s a win all round.

“The exciting part is The Business Exchange is not only raising awareness of the Donate IT campaign to our business community, we are also appealing for you to nominate your school or community group to benefit from the funds being created by your unwanted tech.”

How to Donate

Businesses and organisations with redundant equipment can email to arrange a pickup. Staff can also donate their suitable equipment to be picked up at the same time if they wish. 

All donors can rest assured that data safety is treated as paramount by Blackmore IT as one of the country’s leading specialists in IT disposal. 

Nominations for the Donate IT fund

To nominate your school or community group to be a recipient of the Donate IT fund please email: with your name, contact email address, telephone number and up to 300 words as to how the fund could benefit you. 

Based near Warminster, Blackmore Ricotech is one of the country’s leading IT equipment data sanitising and refurbishment companies working with many organisations including, Government departments, the NHS, law firms and universities. The company has been established for more than 20 years and during this time has developed techniques and skills to maximise reuse and recycling of IT equipment, whilst making data the primary focus. To find out more visit: or call: 0800 880 3678