Devizes company offers discounts to people living with cancer

By Anita Jaynes on 22 February, 2016

Wiltshire’s inspired gift company PinkBox Boutique has joined forces with national cancer charity Ellie’s Friends.

The charity is an online platform that gives adults with cancer access to free and discounted services or products in their area.

PinkBox founder Kerry Gover agreed to support Ellie’s Friends and will offer a 20 per cent discount to anyone living with cancer who is registered with the charity across a broad range of its products.

Kerry said: “If you know someone who is living with cancer Ellie’s Friends is there to help by lifting a financial burden and we’re very happy to be part of that. This isn’t a money-making exercise for us at PinkBox, this is a way we can give back to people who are having a very difficult time.”

Ellie’s Friends was set up by the fiancé of 29 year old journalist Ellie Jeffery, who passed away from breast cancer in 2012. Tom Thostrup launched the Eleanor Rose Foundation to help connect individuals with cancer with people who have a skill, service or product to offer. It can be anything from a spa visit or therapy session to concert tickets or a week in someone’s holiday home.

PinkBox Boutique is based in Coate, near Devizes but sells products throughout the UK. Discounts for members of Ellie’s Friends do not apply to gift vouchers, delivery charges, items already on sale or anything in the PinkBox Artisan Food Hall range.

Ellie’s Friends can be found at

Pictured above: PinkBox founder Kerry Gover