David Bellamy awards a special distinction to Brokerswood

By Anita Jaynes on 21 October, 2015

World-famous botanist and TV personality David Bellamy has recognised Brokerswood Country Park in Wiltshire with a special distinction in his annual Conservation Awards scheme.

For the fourteenth year in a row Brokerswood has been presented with a Gold Award, and this year the Country Park has also been presented with a special distinction for its work with the Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team (WOLT).

In June judges from the David Bellamy Conservation Award scheme looked closely at various areas of Brokerswood’s business infrastructure and procedures including the way it manages its land as a haven for wildlife; reduces use of energy, water and other resources; reduces, re-uses and recycles the waste it produces; and the way in which it supports the local community, including its work with WOLT.

WOLT is an accredited organisation that trains and supports local young people and vulnerable adults, providing an array of outdoor activities and learning opportunities to help them connect with nature.

The judges agreed that Brokerswood not only continues to excel in the field of conservation, but that its work with WOLT is also exemplary.

A spokesman for the Awards scheme said, “Education work can require significant resources and a number of parks have found that working with outside agencies has helped them move forward in this area.

“One example is Brokerswood Country Park in Wiltshire which has successfully collaborated with the Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team (WOLT) by offering a location for the Team to conduct its activities.”

Park Owner Sue Capon said, “The partnership with WOLT is proving very successful. Some days we see up to 150 children participating in our Forest Schools and various activities like making bird and bat boxes.

“For some this work can lead to accreditations, and for others these activities help them to focus their energy and enjoy time out in the great outdoors whilst learning about conservation.”

“For everyone at Brokerswood this work has given us the satisfaction of seeing young people to improve their skills and reap the rewards of teamwork and cooperation.”

For more information visit: www.brokerswoodcountrypark.co.uk or follow @Brokerswood on Twitter.

Pictured above: Brokerswood Country Park owner Sue Capon