Cycling enthusiast receives national recognition for innovative bike design

By Anita Jaynes on 11 June, 2019

Wiltshire cyclist and inventor Age Mackenzie is celebrating after receiving a runners-up award in the Outstanding New Frame Builder category at the recent UK Handmade Bicycle show ‘Bespoked’.

Age, who lives in Chippenham, could not believe his design would win the approval of his peers.

Pictured: Age Mackenzie at the Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show in Bristol.

“I feel humbled to have received this award. I took my design to show the cycling community in the hope it would be accepted and I’m amazed to have walked away with this honour.

“I’m delighted and excited the Mackenzie Cyclone has been welcomed and recognised in this way. I truly believe this is the bicycle design of the future.”

Age originally came up with his unique bike design in 2002. He found a bike maker to build a prototype which Age used for several years.

The innovation around Age’s bike frame is that it defies the conventional diamond frame shape. It has no seat tube and the saddle appears to be floating making for a more comfortable ride. This is due to the fact that no forces from the road surface are being transmitted up the frame directly to the spine.

It wasn’t until 2015 that Age took his own design to another level. That year, while cycling home from work, he was involved in an accident and his bike was written off. Shortly after the incident he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and signed off work from his job in health care permanently.

Age went back to his original bike makers and learnt the company had gone out of business and he couldn’t find anyone who would attempt to build such an unusual bicycle.

“It was then I decided to build one myself,” Age said.

“With precisely zero in the bank, a family to support and crippling pain I re-trained as a bicycle mechanic and then an advanced technician. I later discovered The Bicycle Academy, the best frame building school in the country in Frome.”

With their support, Age designed and created two Mackenzie Cyclones, a hipster bike without gears and a racier road bike. He achieved European Registered Design Certification and passed the frame design through the stringent European Standards for Safety.

Age added, “I decided to attend Bespoked with both my Mackenzie-Cyclone bikes to raise awareness of how things can be done differently.”

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