Crisis & reputational management services yield growth and recognition for Lingua

By Anita Jaynes on 23 December, 2015

Lingua, an independent PR and marketing communications agency, has seen substantial growth in customers requiring crisis and reputational management services.

In an increasingly uncertain world where risks range from cybercrime and terrorism to adverse weather, the need for companies to prepare for the unexpected has never been greater. Crisis management planning helps organisations get back to business as quickly as possible, minimising the impact on people, property, profits and reputation.

In 2015, Lingua linked up with crisis management company Erudite Crisis Associates to offer a brand new suite of services under the banner “Ride the Storm.” The packages range from templates to help organisations develop their own crisis management strategies to full consultancy and training services.

Managing director, Karen Ramirez, said: “Companies are operating not only under increasing risk levels, but also wide-reaching duty of care responsibilities which extend outside of UK borders. It is likely that how an organisation addresses and reassures customers and staff about safety and security measures will increasingly contribute to the perception of its overall ‘brand’.”

Referring to the Ride the Storm packages, she continued: “We are delighted to work with Erudite to deliver a holistic approach to crisis and reputational management planning. A well-considered strategy should be rehearsed and promotes collaboration between individuals who may not interact on a regular basis. It provides opportunities to develop and test decision-making processes and strategic direction for logistical/communications activities in a safe environment.”

Karen serves on the board of CSSC (the Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications hub), a national private-public sector partnership, and in May 2015 received a Commendation from law enforcement for her work on a national communications campaign for business.

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Pictured above: Karen Ramirez receiving her commendation from law enforcement.