The creation of Infinity Nation

By Anita Jaynes on 28 December, 2016

Brinkworth-based digital agency toinfinity has a brand new name and a fresh identity. We met with company founder Al Keck to find out all about the agency’s evolution to Infinity Nation.

Why Infinity Nation?
Over the years the agency has evolved, we’ve grown and matured, and with that came the need to redefine who we are and where we are going. 2016 has been a great year of growth for us. Our new name and brand heralds an exciting future for the agency.
The name itself reflects a couple of things. First, that we are united with our clients in the common goal of progress. Second, that progress is never ending because the methods we (digital agencies) use to meaningfully engage users must be ever-evolving and fast changing.

We’re artisans of data, helping brands to understand their digital landscape and craft tailor-made strategies that engage the end user and maximise their performance.

How have you found 2016?
It has been a really positive year for us. We were a team of ten in January, we’ve since doubled in size, of people and office space – we’re expecting 2017 to follow the same trajectory so need to be sure we can accommodate everyone comfortably.
Our people are everything and building a happy, motivated agency really matters to us. For example, right now we’re on the lookout for a data analyst, customer acquisition specialist and a client services director, but far from it being simply about finding the best talent for the role, it’s about finding people we know will fit, and be happy here. Jess, our talent manager, takes time to understand everyone’s individual hopes and dreams and works with them on their personal development.

What opportunities does 2017 bring for Infinity Nation and those selling digitally?
There is a massive opportunity online to be selling to the EU with the exchange rate as it is. We will be encouraging our clients to forge relationships now, helping to cement future trade with our European neighbours.
2017 will also see an evolution of strategies for us and our clients. Data is the future and getting under the skin of the intelligence that you have at your fingertips is key to growth. We’re going to be fine tuning and enhancing our approach for clients and ourselves.

Throughout 2016 we’ve been working with online retailer Truffle Shuffle, perfecting their strategy and helping them engage more closely with their customers.

Their director, Pat Wood, recently wrote a fantastic testimonial about the turnaround in performance that they’ve experienced. I can’t think of better validation of our partnership approach than that.

“Many agencies have given us a “big sell” and delivered poor performance. Infinity Nation are one of very few agencies that have actually delivered more than they promised. We were initially told that although our digital marketing strategy was good, Infinity Nation could help apply best practice, and in time deliver a modest increase in our performance. Two years after our initial meeting, we’re now experiencing great growth in the areas that they consulted on and we are extremely happy with the work they have performed for us. We envisage a long term relationship with them.” – Pat Wood,

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