Corsham’s CND launches new cyber centre on the Isle of Man

By Anita Jaynes on 31 October, 2023

Leading UK cyber-security firm Computer Network Defence (CND) has opened its new Cyber Security Operations Centre on the Isle of Man.

The Corsham headquartered business has maintained a presence on the island for seven years, and its latest facility is in the capital, Douglas.

The operations centre is staffed by a growing team of 12 professionals and operates around the clock, diligently monitoring all of the company’s clients for any indications of cyber-attacks or data breaches. 

They meticulously assess the identified threats and respond to them in the most appropriate manner, providing considerable peace of mind to clients.

CND’s clients are from a multitude of industries and locations across the world and range from financial organisations to superyachts.

The facility was opened by the Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man, Lieutenant General Sir John Gordon Lorimer, KCB, DSO, MBE, who is the King’s representative.

Andy Cuff, founder the of the company which is in its 20th year said, “While we are headquartered in Corsham, Wiltshire, we have had various offices in the Isle of Man because we keep outgrowing them.

“Our new centre is on Athol Street, Douglas, in the heart of the banking district where we have a number of clients.

“The operations centre is equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment. It possesses the capability to address threats originating around the globe.

“We have a dozen team members at our new cyber-security centre, but we have plans to increase this number by at least three or four within the coming year. 

“We install monitoring equipment within our clients’ networks, which promptly alert us to any form of cyber threat or unusual activity. 

“Our staff can then respond to this information in real-time, effectively functioning as cyber sentinels.

“In addition, our personnel continuously assess our clients’ systems using the same tools and techniques employed by hackers.

“One of these techniques is to send simulated phishing emails to them in order to gauge how many employees might fall for such schemes.

“We can then help those companies to train their staff on how to avoid phishing emails, and identify other methods of attack.

“The company has almost 40 permanent staff based at our HQ, in the Isle of Man and at various other locations across the country and as far afield as the USA.”

CND’s work was recently celebrated at The Business Exchange’s technology awards for Swindon and Wiltshire, The Techies, scooping the Most Innovative Tech Solution Award for its in-house designed security appliance, Osprey, a product designed for the ship and superyacht industry.

Pictured above: Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man, Lieutenant General Sir John Gordon Lorimer, KCB, DSO, MBE, and Andy Cuff, Founder and CEO of Computer Network Defence.