Content Coms signs-up to Creative Climate Disclosure

By Nick Batten on 19 August, 2019

Wiltshire-based communications and creative agency Content Coms has become an early endorser of Creative Climate Disclosure; a new programme which seeks to minimise the carbon conflicts of the creative communications sector.

The company says it has spotted a contradiction in its industry. While creatives and communicators are changing the narrative about both climate change and ecological crises, too many advertising, creative, public relations, marketing and digital agencies are still ‘playing both sides’ and treating their role as neutral. Many agencies work with clients that promote climate solutions and yet they also run campaigns for fossil fuels.

In a statement issued to clients and suppliers this week, Content Coms – which has offices at the Glove Factory near Bradford on Avon– has confirmed that it does not, and will not, work with clients who operate in a manner that is socially or environmentally negative.

Joanna Watchman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Content Coms, said, “As specialists in energy, sustainability and construction, we’ve spent 20 years doing our bit to help fight climate change, by supporting clients who have the solutions to it.

“Now and moving forward, we are formally confirming our position: we will only work with clients whose values and whose own commitments to fighting climate change are as strong as ours – and specifically, we will not work with any fossil fuel businesses.”

By signing the Creative Climate Disclosure, Content Coms has promised to disclose its turnover by sector; indicate any ‘high carbon clients’; and highlight any climate conflicts. The disclosure will include a breakdown of where client work comes from; impacts made; and sales turnover by sector.

Content Coms’ first report will be published in October 2019, sharing details from its previous financial year. In so doing, it will help to contribute to a wider transparency across the creative and marketing industry and help highlight any climate conflicts within the communications sector.

For other creative businesses interested in making their own commitment, other Client Disclosure Reports can be reviewed online. The deadline is the end of 2019 to disclose.

Pictured above: Joanna Watchman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Content Coms