Coffee lovers of Swindon perk up at the arrival of independent coffee shop

By Anita Jaynes on 10 August, 2016

Swindon’s coffee connoisseurs are celebrating at the news of the opening of a new generation of coffee shop. Triple Two opened their doors in Swindon town centre last week and have already received a thumbs up from customers.

The contemporary coffee shop, which is situated in The Brunel shopping centre near to Havelock Square, specialises in serving top quality coffee and food freshly made by their own chef on the premises.

David Hodgetts, one of the co-founders of Triple Two, said he was delighted with the reaction of customers already. David said: “It’s going really well; those that have tried our coffee are telling us it’s the best they have ever had and we’re getting some great reviews on social media, so hopefully the word of our arrival and what we stand for will spread quickly.

David set up Triple Two because he believes that Swindon needs a good quality coffee shop.  “As a regular coffee drinker I was increasingly tired of drinking an average cup of coffee from the likes of the big high street coffee chains and then having to deal with their lack of quality food on offer” said David.

“The UK coffee market has become flooded, but flooded with brands providing an interpretation of what a real experience should be.  We are independent, there’s just a few of us running the business, but we have done our research thoroughly and we know that the people of Swindon will welcome our different approach.  Not only is our coffee excellent quality but we make sure it’s always extremely well made.  Our food is first class too.  We have our own chef who is based on the premises.  Our bacon comes from Butts Farm just down the road in South Cerney and Butts farm are also supplying our very own brand of sausages made just for us.  We open at 7am and serve all of our food throughout the day.”

The new shop has been carefully designed to create a modern upmarket and contemporary ambience. The founders wanted to acknowledge their Swindon roots so have cleverly incorporated Swindon’s railway heritage into their logo and the interior design of the shop.

“The name ‘Triple Two Coffee’ was chosen because of Swindon’s railway heritage”, said David.  “Isambard Kingdom Brunel purchased 16 of the first 17 steam engines and they were named 222 so we decided to adopt it to connect our new brand with the town in which it was founded”.

Kevin Gwilliam, General Manager of The Brunel shopping centre said he was delighted the Triple Two coffee shop was now open.  Kevin said, “David Hodgetts and Sezan Walker have been operating Triple Two from a small area in The Brunel Arcade since January 2016 and it’s been very popular with customers who have been impressed with both their customer service and the quality of their food and drink.

“It’s important for shopping centres to cater for everyone’s tastes so it’s excellent that we are able to welcome another quality independent trader to the centre and to be able to help support them in their new venture.  The improvement work that has been going on at Havelock Square for some time is almost finished now so it’s great timing too.”

David Hodgett’s said The Brunel Centre had been very supportive in helping get their new venture off the ground.  “Kevin and his team have been great”, said David.  “It’s taken a lot of hard work and long hours to bring our dream to fruition so it’s great to be based in a shopping centre that have done whatever they can to help make the process easier for us.”

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