CIS’s top tips for disaster recovery

By Anita Jaynes on 2 March, 2016

Faringdon based IT specialist CIS offers TBE readers their top tips for securing your business in case of an emergency

The only thing harder than planning for an emergency is explaining why you didn’t.

Are you at risk?
The best way to avoid disaster is to have a clear plan in place to cover the unexpected – do you have one?

Many businesses don’t know the value of Disaster Recovery (DR) until they need it. DR is more than just backing up data – it ensures that, should the worst happen and you lose the use of your IT infrastructure through system crashes, viruses, theft or hardware failures, your business can be restored and up and running again within hours.

Backup is an important part of DR so what is very worrying is that many businesses who do back up, do it incorrectly…

System crashes, viruses, theft and hardware failures are happening all the time. Have you ever considered whether your data is being back up correctly? And that…

  • The right data is being backed up?
  • Your data is stored off-site securely?
  • Your data is regularly tested and could be restored successfully?
  • Your backup is a full server image, not just your user files?


  • Ensure your clients won’t be affected by your IT downtime.
  • Recovery Time Objective – How long can your IT estate afford to be down for?
  • Gain expert advice on how to protect your IT estate.

Make a choice

  • Deploy your servers onsite, in the cloud or a hybrid of the two.
  • Onsite – can your secondary server meet your requirements in the event of the first one failing, do you have a back-up server? Is it located in a different location to avoid the backup server and the primary server being impacted by the same disaster?
  • Cloud based –most UK businesses must comply with UK Data Regulations (soon to be superseded by the EU version) and store data locally, so your Cloud solution should reside in the UK.
  • Hybrid – work on the cloud with the flexibility of having an on-site and off-site Disaster Recovery Solution.

Test, test, test

  • Always test for the worst case scenario – make sure you have a plan!
  • Make sure you’re able to check your back-ups every day, are they working?
  • Get expert advice on how to create a Disaster Recovery plan from CIS.
  • The best way to avoid disaster is to have a clear plan in place to cover all eventualities. It is vital that you test your Disaster Recovery plan regularly.

To find out how CIS can help you create your plan call 01367 700555