Chris May of Mayden: Business against Poverty’s Member of the Month

By Anita Jaynes on 3 June, 2015

As official media partner’s of Business against Poverty each month we will be profiling their ‘Member of the Month’.

This month BaP interviewed founder of Mayden, Chris May, to find out more about his business, what drives his success and why he supports Business against Poverty.

What does Mayden do?

Mayden provides end-to-end managed web applications and bespoke system development to the healthcare sector. We specialise in innovative, flexible and cloud-based software solutions, driven by the desire to add real value to healthcare by developing applications that have the power to change the way services are delivered by staff and experienced by patients.

Who do you admire in the world of business and why?

Bill Gates. Most of my working age productivity has come from Microsoft software – together with an immense and seemingly unabated amount of frustration. It’s a great metaphor for how much and how quickly we can take things for granted. But that isn’t the reason I’ve chosen Bill. Having amassed a vast fortune, rather than spending it all on luxury liners, private jets and football clubs, he’s using it to tackle extreme poverty and global health issues.

What is your business philosophy?

Find something worthwhile to do then provide the very best products backed up by excellent customer service. Be responsive and always give the client something more than they expect; those little extras don’t cost much, but they can have a huge impact on how you are perceived. At Mayden we know all our clients by their first name and they do our marketing for us. And once we have been recommended our products should sell themselves. Of course this couldn’t happen without our staff and I try and apply the same philosophy to them. Good business is about relationships; it’s about how you treat people.

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty?

As business leaders, at some point we will all entertain the notion that we would like to give something back. Very few business leaders I know – the good ones at any rate – have a sense of entitlement and will find that giving leads to its own rewards.

Who has the time to work out which are the most deserving causes and make sure the money we donate is spent wisely?  This is where Business against Poverty comes in. We can’t save the world, but we can make a huge difference to the lives of a few individuals who live in the direst of circumstances. We can get involved as much as we like, by just giving small amounts of money, or by getting involved in BaP projects on the ground in places like Nepal or Romania.

For those of you not in a position to give, Business Against Poverty can help you get there. Belonging to an extensive and wide-ranging business network of talented companies and individuals, this can lead to new business and/or provide business support. My company is unlikely to gain new clients from the Business Against Poverty network because of the nature of our business – but we have certainly used other members as suppliers and they, therefore, have gained a new client in us.

To join Business Against Poverty is to tap into a virtuous circle that can’t bring anything but benefit to all concerned.  Simples!

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