Chippenham reflexology expert transforms the life of an expectant mum

By Anita Jaynes on 5 March, 2015

Melissa Giles is about to have her first child – the 26-year-old who thought she would not become a mother after having three miscarriages.

The nursery nurse, who lives in Wiltshire, was trying for a baby for 3 years after marrying her husband in year 2011.

“It’s been heartbreaking to suffer one miscarriage after another for no apparent physical reason. I was feeling low and unable to see how things can change.” said Melissa.

Then two years ago she attended a workshop on fertility with expert reflexologist Gabriela Slater who runs clinics from Active Potential Therapy in Chippenham and Dandelion Wellbeing in Hungerford. Later Melissa suffered a further miscarriage and contacted Gabriela when she found out she was pregnant once again.

“I often support women with fertility issues. When Melissa contacted me she was terrified her pregnancy would end any day. I worked with her providing reflexology every week for the first three months along with some nutritional tips.

I supported her through morning sickness and helped her to deal with her fatigue as well as anxiety and stress around her fear of miscarriage,” said Gabriela.

Although there’s no guarantee that reflexology will lead to a successful pregnancy, for Melissa it’s been life-changing.

Maternity Reflexology aims to optimise the physical and emotional health of pregnant women and also allows them time away from a busy life, to focus purely on themselves and their growing baby. The sessions are personally tailored by Gabriela to an individual’s needs.

“I can’t thank Gabriela enough. She has really helped me through this journey, I looked forward to each reflexology session where I could really let go and relax.” said Melissa.

Gabriela Slater, who founded her business NuReflexology in 2012 works in Wiltshire and Berkshire and lives with her own family in Chippenham. She’s a specialist in fertility, maternity, hot stone and traditional reflexology.

Reflexology involves applying gentle pressure to the areas of the feet which are a mirror image of the bodily systems, glands and organs. Gabriela works on clients’ feet to reduce stress levels, increase energy levels, stimulate immune system and also improve blood and nutrient supply to all areas of the body.

For more information about NuReflexology visit or contact Gabriela Slater on