Cheaper parking for low income workers in Chippenham

By Anita Jaynes on 9 June, 2015

A new initiative to reduce the cost of parking for low income workers during working hours in Chippenham town centre, has been launched by the Chippenham Business Improvement District (BID) in partnership with Chippenham Borough Lands.

A total of 30 spaces will be available at a cost of £10 per month per space and allocated on a ballot basis to local businesses.  Businesses will need to submit an application and provide evidence of the salaries of those employees using the spaces.

Chippenham BID Manager Carolyn Brownell explained the driver behind the initiative: “One of the key objectives outlined in the BID’s business plan is to look at various parking issues in the town centre affecting both businesses and visitors.  We know that many of the low income workers who are on the national minimum wage are struggling to afford the cost of parking.   This first initiative is designed specifically to help our local workers and also to help businesses keep their employees.”

The low income car parking spaces will be located off Westmead Lane within the Chippenham Borough Lands car park.  There will be no loss of spaces to the current residential permit holders.  Entry to the car park will be via a coded pin pad barrier and the BID Town Hosts will manage and police the use of the car park.   The car park will be in operation from June 2015.

Phil Tansley, Executive Officer at Chippenham Borough Lands said: “Currently, the car park at Westmead Lane is used by neighbouring residents and organisations that hold a car parking permit.  There has been a need to formalise the use of this car park for some time to ensure those people parking all have permits and are legally parked.  By introducing a barrier system will improve the car park for current users as well as give us an opportunity to allocate some space for low income workers.”