Carpeo’s “Banksy” brings The Business Whisperer to Swindon

By Anita Jaynes on 21 October, 2014

Peter Wilcock, Director of Swindon based contact centre Carpeo, found a hidden talent within his team when he asked whether anyone could help him create some sketches for his first book The Business Whisperer. Unbeknown to him, within the ranks he had a talented artist in team leader Nathan Jacka who came to his rescue and created the images Peter required to head each chapter.

The book is a series of analogies, which can be used in business, but the unique twist is each analogy relates to animals. Nathan was asked to create 18 images to accompany each of the chapters. Nathan was only too happy to help out his boss, Nathan commented: “It was great fun, Peter would send me a note with the image he wanted and I would sit down and create it. Luckily he loved each one without any changes!”.

Now the pair are going one step further on Wednesday 29 October , as Nathan is going to create a Banksy-style mural depicting the cover image of The Business Whisperer.  He will paint the mural on a wall at Goddard Tennis Courts, Goddard Avenue , Old Town, Swindon. The wall is a designated area where local people are allowed to express their creativity. Peter had the idea of using the mural to promote the book. Peter said:  “The cover is quite iconic and perfectly captures the essence of the book’s story, the prospect of seeing the image in a public place is very exciting. We’re getting lots of interest in the book from America so the image will be finding its way across the sea once it’s done”.

For further information contact Jean Hancock @ Carpeo 01793 648803 OR e-mail Peter Wilcock –