Business Wise invite you to go on parliament tour

By Anita Jaynes on 8 December, 2014

Back in August, Swindon’s newest and fastest growing Business Referral group BusinessWise, had the pleasure of local MP Justin Tomlinson’s company for breakfast.

Nigel Pursall, chairman for the group said “BusinessWise is a referral group, where members actively listen out for business opportunities to share with other members on a weekly basis, networking is a bi-product. I invited Justin along to see how we operated as I know that he has a keen interest in local business around Swindon”.

Justin gave a 10 minute presentation to the group and commented “it was interesting to meet with such a diverse group of businesses and see that though they operated in different business areas, how the members were able to pass a great amount of referrals and opportunities to each other. The camaraderie between members was clear to see and it was a really enjoyable up-beat meeting. I can see why the group is growing so quickly and I was staggered to hear that over £36,000 worth of business had been passed between members in just one week”.

It was after this meeting that Justin then invited the group to hold a future meeting in the Houses of Parliament.

So on January 26th 2015, the group will be travelling to Westminster to have a tour of the Parliament buildings followed by a shortened version of their breakfast meeting. The afternoon will be free for members and guests to do what they like before travelling back to Swindon early evening.

BusinessWise has a limited number of seats available for guests to join them on this special day out. Tickets cost a mere £22 per person and is open to business people who would like to find out more about the group. For more details email: or check the website: