Business Review of the Year 2019

By Fiona Scott on 16 December, 2019

As 2019 draws to a close and we step into 2020 what has business been like for us in Swindon, Wiltshire and beyond?

We asked a number of voices from the Wiltshire business community how business has faired for them this year.

In this post we chat to Tom Vaughton, Managing Director of Bradford-0n-Avon-based digital marketing firm, Varn. 


What are your highlights of 2019?

This year has had several highlights for us. The main one is having clients we’ve really enjoyed working with and feeling part of their teams. Our own team has come far this year, dedicated yet fun. Our office refurbishment with a pinball machine added and a giant mural has been uplifting and we’ve even broken a world record with a client. They created the world’s largest jute bag – you can read more about it here.

What’s coming up for Varn in 2020?

We will continue to work in partnership with clients. We know we can get websites to rank well and perform better, however this can be time consuming so we are looking at partnering with some new clients on a shared profit/ownership model to address that situation for the benefit of all.

We are also working on new products and solutions. Search Marketing is evolving and larger sites are getting more complex, so we are launching our own solutions to help larger websites.

It’s possible we may install a firefighter’s pole in the office too…who knows?

What do you think will be important for business in 2020?

Service providers need to start valuing their skills and expertise properly and charging enough for their knowledge and experience.

What are your tips for business growth as we move into a new decade?

Remembering that if you feel comfortable or you are standing still in your business you are, in fact, going backwards. Try to do something new or evolve a product or service. Keep an eye on your cash flow for that’s key to a company’s health.

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Pictured above: Tom Vaughton, Managing Director, Varn

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