Business Review of the Year 2018

By Gill Harris on 22 December, 2018

From GDPR to Brexit, 2018 has certainly produced its fair share of challenges in the business world. But happily, it’s also been a time of successes in the South West. We spoke to businesses across a range of sectors to find out how 2018 went for them… and what they are (and aren’t) looking forward to in 2019.

Today we interview Ian Sharpe, senior account director at Jelf insurance. 

How was 2018? 

It’s has been an eventful and challenging year. As a business we have rebranded and have worked hard in introducing our new brand into the market place. We are now in a great position to move the business forward with exciting new products coming to the market. Our aim is to become the go-to trusted broker for all commercial clients.

Looking ahead to 2019…

It should be a good year for Jelf. Having moved through our rebrand and with exciting new products available for us to discuss with existing and new clients we remain very positive that our business will see a steady growth.

As far as Brexit is concerned, it is a wait and see game but we will be ready and able to adapt when needed. We hope for a buoyant economy leading to new business start-ups and growth of existing business.

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