Business Review of the Year 2018

By Gill Harris on 19 December, 2018
From GDPR to Brexit, 2018 has certainly produced its fair share of challenges in the business world. But happily, it’s also been a time of successes in the South West. We spoke to businesses across a range of sectors to find out how 2018 went for them… and what they are (and aren’t) looking forward to in 2019. Today we interview Sue Tumelty, managing director at Human Resources firm The HR Dept. How was 2018?  On a positive front, the big news has been the Taylor Review into employment statuses and the ongoing Government consultation. We welcome a potential end to the confusion over definitions of workers and the self-employed, to make life easier for all businesses and particularly SMEs. Our culture is changing – high profile court cases like those of Pimlico Plumbers and the Uber drivers will have major implications for all businesses in terms of the rights of their employees. Recently, the Budget spelled good news for SMEs with improved policies on apprenticeships, Entrepreneur’s Relief, delays to the private sector roll-out of IR35 and a reduction in business rates. Looking ahead to 2019… Brexit, of course, hangs over everything but we need to see it as an opportunity. Even in a no deal situation, those companies which cope best will be the ones which are ready to take up opportunities which present themselves. We are already looking into up-skilling our advisors on the details of visa requirements, for example, and we have business development strategies on hand so we can make the most of whatever happens. We also expect 2019 to be a year in which employers will need to continue to adapt to changing times. Shared Parental Leave has not seen the take-up which was expected but further requests for flexible working may come with the introduction of Grandparent Leave. Read The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire online this Thursday (December 20, 2018) to see how business was this year for Swindon’s Jazzbones Creative.