Business Continuity: Are you in control of your business critical documents?

By Anita Jaynes on 3 June, 2015

This month our special business feature is business continuity, data protection and security. We asked Swindon based YourDMS their advice for keeping your documents safe.

Ask anyone what is one of their biggest frustrations at work, and they will probably say dealing with increasing amounts of paperwork. However, not having complete control of your documents could cost your business time and money, and damage your reputation.

A recent survey by Adobe1 found that 43% of office professionals have lost important electronic information or documents. “Imagine the impact on an organisation if those documents were critical to the closure of a business deal? Key stakeholder information? Essential to the completion of a project? The results could be catastrophic!’ says Stewart Wright, managing director of YourDMS, Swindon based providers of tailored document management solutions. “The good news is that there is cutting edge technology available to eliminate these problems – businesses just need to embrace it.”

With over 20 years of experience in the Document Management industry, YourDMS have the knowledge and ability to translate and deliver such technology, simplifying the way organisations work. Their Document Management solutions streamline the design, creation, management and flow of documents, improving efficiency and performance, saving money and removing inconsistent and inaccurately filed documents. Documents from any source, including digital and paper, can be stored, with indexes, to create searchable content – allowing you to file and retrieve within seconds. With the added benefits of an audit trail and version control, you can make the right information available to the right people, at the right time, transforming the way you work.

YourDMS’s comprehensive portfolio of services includes: Document Management, Email Management, Data Capture, Purchase Invoice Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Post Saver, Mail Room Manager, Workflow, BPO and Scanning Bureau, and Consultancy.

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1 Source: Adobe, Paper Jam: Why Documents Are Dragging Us Down, March 2015