Brunel Shopping Centre now offering free space to local charities and start-ups

By Nick Batten on 22 March, 2022

The Brunel Shopping Centre is offering free space within the building to local charities, small businesses and start-ups with the aim of giving back and supporting the local community.

The space is being offered for a flexible duration between the 14th of March to the end of April and can be used by charities to show off what their plans are for 2022 as the pandemic eases, raise awareness and generate much-needed funds, as well as for members of the community, small businesses and others to utilise too.

A representative for the Centre commented, “It’s been a tough few years, and the team here at The Brunel wants to do as much as we can to support our local community whilst we all work to move past the damage the pandemic has caused.

“We know that charities and small businesses are at the heart of our community, so we feel it’s important to help them in any way that we can to raise awareness and offer them the opportunity to be seen where they usually might not be.”

To apply for the space, those interested should email with a bit more information on who they are, what they would like to use the space for and which dates they would be keen to book.

Pictured above: The Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon