Brand new beginnings

By Ben Carey on 4 September, 2020

A new agency is hoping to carve a niche for itself providing quality PR and marketing services to small businesses.

Chippenham-based Brand Media was set up by Ben Gregory with help from Sadie Jones. The pair have backgrounds in marketing, media, visual design, branding and public relations and are hoping to disrupt the market with affordable services to allow smaller companies to compete on a level playing field.

Ben Gregory said, “There are many PR agencies stomping around the fields, but I found that unless you were a larger business with big money to spend, they were not too enthusiastic.

“I decided to set up a new concept in PR and media that was specifically targeted to help small businesses with PR opportunities and quality marketing, allowing them to compete on an even playing field.”

The launch of the company was particularly timely for Sadie Jones who was recently made redundant from a Bath-based agency.

She said, “I’d already come to terms with redundancy before being told. After speaking with Ben, we saw a gap in our area for affordable PR and marketing services that just weren’t available for small businesses. He hired me as Media Manager.

“I think I’d rather take a bit of a gamble and work really hard in something like this than go into an in-house role or another established agency and be another number.”

Whilst the effects of Covid-19 have far reaching consequences across all sectors, Ben believes that now is the time for small businesses to plan their marketing for the future as the country eyes its recovery.

He added, “Many companies weather out a financial crash by hunkering down and cutting costs. One of the first victims is their marketing budget, which can have disastrous effects that many never recover from.

“The companies who succeed after a recession are the one shouting the loudest and actually growing their brand to rapidly scoop up work when things return to normal.

“Marketing and a strong brand are more important now than ever. Business has been eroded by online-only companies, home businesses and overseas traders. Being ready and able to compete and beat the competition may mean the difference between accelerating out of the crisis or shutting up shop.”

To find out more, visit the Brand Media website.

Pictured: Sadie Jones and Ben Gregory.