Boson Web joins forces with Milk & Tweed

By Anita Jaynes on 6 May, 2020

With online presence and graphic design becoming increasingly intertwined, two successful Wiltshire businesses have merged to offer clients the best of both worlds.

Web specialists Boson Web, located at the Glove Factory in Holt, and graphic design experts Milk & Tweed based in Chippenham, have joined forces to allow them to share expertise and provide a more comprehensive range of services to clients.

Boson Web was established in 2003 and offers a wide range of services for clients including website build, search engine optimisation, bespoke website functionality and more.

Milk & Tweed, established in 2018, is a graphic design and branding agency with an impressive portfolio and experience in creating a wide range of marketing collateral from logos and branding to brochures, adverts and more.

Rich Anderson, Founder of Boson Web, said, “Boson’s clients were asking more and more for creative design help. Milk & Tweed bring a wealth of brand design experience which, combined with Boson’s website expertise, will benefit all our clients and add even greater value. 

“We will be bringing all of our clients and services under one company, operating from our two existing locations – our studio at Holt and Milk & Tweed’s Chippenham office. This will allow more convenience for our clients who want to visit us. Our team will divide their time between the offices as they need to. 

“More and more clients are looking to consolidate services with one agency rather than liaise with separate designers and website builders. The merger will create a more cohesive and fluid service for our customers, allowing them consistency for their brand across all platforms and less time managing separate agencies.”

Jake Jeffries, Creative Director at Milk & Tweed said, “I am really excited to be merging with Boson Web, not only do they have some amazing services that our customers can benefit from, but Rich and his team also have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise on everything digital, so me and my team are really excited to learn from them!

“We have specialised in offering graphic design for businesses, logo design, brand identities, brochures and marketing services, where Boson specialised in offering website development, hosting and website support. Through this merger we can offer businesses the full creative design and digital package.”

To find out more about Boson Web with Milk & Tweed please visit their website.

Pictured: Rich Anderson and Jake Jeffries.