Bible Society climbs into the Sunday Times top 30 list

By Nick Batten on 7 March, 2018

Swindon-based Bible Society has moved from 31 to 28 in the Sunday Times Not-For-Profit organisations for work for in 2018.

The charity, which was founded in 1804, enables supporters to offer the Bible, “the world’s best seller,” to everyone through translating, producing and distributing the Scriptures.

According to the Bible Society, the story of its founding revolves around three “remarkable, yet markedly different,” individuals: Mary Jones – a “determined” Welsh girl, Reverend Joseph Hughes – a “visionary” Welsh pastor, and William Wilberforce – a campaigning MP.

The charity has now established local Bible Societies in 146 counties around the world.

Commenting on the achievement, professor Paul Williams, chief executive, said: “Bible Society is thrilled to have broken into the Sunday Times, top 30, not-for-profit organisations in the UK. This success is only possible because of the creativity; commitment and enthusiasm of our staff.”

He added: “Moving up the rankings is not just an end in itself for Bible Society. Every year we take part in the survey because we want to hear from all our staff and learn from what they have to tell us as part of an ongoing process of dialogue. The ranking is an indicator that this is working and it brings enormous pride to all our staff.”

Pictured above: Paul Williams