Arval offers free business vehicle audit at South West Expo

By Anita Jaynes on 17 June, 2016

Over 450 businesses in and around Swindon already lease company cars and vans from Arval UK, one of Europe’s largest vehicle leasing companies.

But Arval finds many business owners don’t realise they can get company vehicles and advice literally on their doorstep at Windmill Hill.

“Swindon has a very strong automotive heritage, but because we don’t have a showroom, many businesses don’t realise they could be leasing vehicles from a locally based company instead of buying them,” said Paul Marchment, Arval UK’s SME Development Manager.

“My team will be at the South West Expo on Thursday June 30 to meet business owners and managers and explain how leasing works and why it can be an excellent choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

The reason Arval doesn’t have a vehicle showroom is that they offer vehicles across all makes and models, including vans. . “You just couldn’t fit all the vehicles into one room.” Paul explains.

Whilst the Arval team know a lot about vehicles, when speaking to business managers, Arval employees focus on how the vehicles will be used, managed and financed as much as on makes and models. Almost always, they can help companies make better choices that save time and money.

Nearly every type of business needs to offer company vehicles, so any business could benefit from a conversation with Paul.

He identified there are many “myths” around company cars that can cost businesses dear.

“Cars are now so reliable, I don’t need to worry about them.” – There are so many choices and options across cars and vans that it’s all too easy to make the wrong decision about a vehicle.

“It’s cheaper to buy than lease.” – A monthly lease is often cheaper than buying cars and vans with cash or a loan, plus there are tax benefits and you can invest the capital in your business instead.

“We only run a few cars or vans. We can manage them ourselves.” – Buying, maintaining, insuring, taxing, servicing, repairing and selling a vehicle is more complex than it seems. Leasing can take a lot of the hassle away.

“I don’t understand all the financing options.” – Leasing really isn’t complicated,, a good leasing company will walk you through the process and help you decide which package works best for your business.

“I’ve always bought vehicles. It’s what I’m used to” – Many SMEs think like consumers, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right business solution. Leasing can be as effective for SMEs as for the largest multinationals.

“I don’t have time to think about this” – We hear this a lot, but there are simple online systems for assessing a company’s needs that can be set up in minutes. Plus, it’s worth the time: you could be saving thousands (or even tens of thousands) of pounds.

The South West Expo is taking place at STEAM, Swindon on Thursday June 30 between 9am-3pm. Entry is free for delegates, but registration is essential. Click here to register your attendance. Visit the Arval team for your free business vehicle audit on stand 17.