A smart way to cut energy waste

By Gill Harris on 19 October, 2018

“Many businesses have realised that going beyond environmental compliance makes good business sense and can help improve their long-term success.  It’s this, together with a huge amount of ‘green’ initiatives – including government grants to help fund projects, that has further helped with companies becoming more engaged with the idea of energy management and reduction.”

So says Stuart Pearce, founder and managing director of SMARTech energy in Corsham, who spoke to The Business Exchange as part of the national Green GB Week this week.

A former Royal Engineer, Stuart set up the company in 2014 and since then it’s become one of the leading energy management and reduction specialists in the area, typically reducing customers’ energy consumption by up to 50%. As well as reducing carbon emissions and energy waste, it also saves organisations money.

He said: “We’ve found that adopting a results-based return on investment focus (ROI) has further aided organisations; by helping them to identify and implement energy saving projects – which not only adds value and fulfils a company’s economic and social agenda, but ultimately helps to protect the environment too.”

One key energy-saving project took place at The Link Centre, Swindon, home to ice hockey team the Swindon Wildcats. The leisure centre is owned by Swindon Borough Council and operated by Greenwich Leisure.

Stuart explained: “We installed an Eniscope energy monitoring system at The Link Centre to generate minute by minute, real time analytics on energy usage and quality. Energy saving opportunities identified included the implementation of a host of efficient technologies including the upgrading of lights to LED and the installation of solar PV cells.

“SMARTech energy’s use of the energy monitoring technology helped to track their energy wastage and consumption and has enabled The Link Centre to embark upon a programme to achieve a 40% reduction in their electricity and 33% on gas energy consumption.”

SMARTech supplies and installs more than 30 low-carbon technologies to the education, leisure, hotel, retail, manufacturing and warehouse sectors. Stuart believes all companies need to examine their energy usage.

He said: “Going green is a change many companies will have to make sooner or later.  We’ve found that one of the major barriers to an organisation reducing their energy consumption is a lack of information or know-how.  But with huge amounts of reliable data now available through energy monitoring devices, which track energy usage and power consumption, the data provides credible information and solutions for key decision makers to make change and to tackle the challenges of carbon reduction.”

Pictured above: Stuart Pearce, founder and MD of SMARTech energy