5 Top Tips for Getting Organised in 2024

By Anita Jaynes on 27 December, 2023

Emma Boatman, Founder of Boatman Admin Services shares her top tips for getting organised and taking control of your to-do list this new year.  

Turn off distractions

One of the best things I did during the pandemic was to turn off all notifications on my phone. Now I only receive phone calls, text messages and Whatsapp notifications. Having a constant stream of chimes and flashes on your phone can be a super distraction, especially if you’ve got a task that you need to focus on.

If anything is urgent – people will call you!

Set up Calendly (or an alternative)

You’d be surprised how many business owners I speak with that don’t have a calendar scheduling tool set up. How many emails are going backwards and forwards in your inbox trying to find a convenient time? Now, if someone asks me for a meeting, I send them my Calendly link and they can find a slot that suits them. You can set up your own rules, so for me, I have availability between 10am – 4pm but nothing on a Monday or a Friday.

Create some boundaries

I could write a whole article on this in itself – boundaries are a huge area for business owners.

When we start to work with a client, we let them know that the ONLY ways to send work through to us is either via email or via their project management tool. I was finding that clients were sending work through on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs – the number of ways to connect with people now is crazy. If something comes through whilst I’m walking the dog on a Whatsapp message, chances are, by the time I get home I’ve forgotten or been distracted by other work that’s come in on email.

Time Blocking

I’m a huge advocate of time blocking my calendar.  Essentially, I batch together tasks that are similar.  For example, if I need to work on the business accounts for all three businesses, I’ll do that for an afternoon.

Time blocking can go hand in hand with batch working. Put them together and you’ll become a powerhouse at getting through your to do list and mastering your time.

Try Zapier

Zapier is a cloud-based automation platform that connects various web applications and enables users to automate workflows between them. It is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you save time, reduce manual effort, and streamline your work processes.

Emma Boatman is an award-winning virtual assistant and loves to help small business owners achieve more in their day. 

She has won numerous awards and was listed as one of TBE Swindon & Wiltshire’s Most Inspiring Women 2023.

To find out more visit: www.boatmanadmin.co.uk call: 01249 470067 or email: emma@boatmanadmin.co.uk