10 Minutes with ActionCOACH’s Jo Rolliston

By Anita Jaynes on 11 December, 2018

Jo Rolliston is one of the directors from ActionCOACH bringing the South West Business Growth Summit to Bath next year. We met with Jo to find out what she does and why she is so passionate about it. 

“There I was loving my job as Overseas HR Manager for a large ski company and then boom- a life changing moment with the birth of my first daughter. Work life balance became my priority as I couldn’t hop on a plane with 2 hours’ notice anymore.

“ActionCOACH approached us and with a bit of fear and excitement we started our coaching practice which I’m delighted to say is now an award winning practice!  After three years of building the practice from scratch whilst maintaining the work life balance, now with two beautiful daughters, I was looking for more than running the business, I wanted to coach.

Jo with her two daughters.

“Then another moment of fear and excitement as I discovered the Engage and Grow programme and heart pounding, trained as an Engage and Grow Coach. After many years’ experience of managing overseas teams I could see what an enormous difference it would’ve made on every level had the fractured teams I used to manage worked together in unity and understanding. There would certainly have been a lot less screaming at the waitresses by the chefs and higher staff retention.

“I became the smiling assassin, as on one occasion I had to fire an entire hotel team and ship in supply staff and manage the experience seamlessly so that the guests that week didn’t notice and we continued to deliver a first class service. There were several sleepless nights!

“It’s so important to me that people are happy in their work. We spend such a large proportion of our lives at work and it has a knock on effect into our personal life.

“When I see the shift in people from disengaged to highly engaged and the difference it makes in all areas of their life AND the results in cost savings to the business it’s a job well done and I find myself smiling inside.”

The South West Business Growth Summit takes place on Friday March 1, 2019 at Bath Racecourse. To find out more and to book your place visit: www.businessgrowthsummit.co.uk