Wellbeing in focus at TBE Big Breakfast June 2024

By Ben Carey on 10 June, 2024

Professionals from a wide range of organisations and sectors came together for the TBE Big Breakfast at Cumberwell Park near Bradford on Avon in June.

Aside from the networking and tasty breakfast, guests were treated to an informative talk on wellbeing encompassing both mental and financial health.

The newly formed double act of Jim Hughes (Untamed) and Simon Jones (Unividual) proved entertaining and thought-provoking as the pair guided us through the steps we can take to ensure we are in a stronger position.

Jim Hughes said, “Of the biggest challenges to our wellbeing is stress. We get stressed when our model of the world doesn’t match our reality and our expectations go unmet.

“At this point, you have two choices to make. You can change your reality or you can adjust your expectations. This talk was designed to help guests with both by giving clarity over the three steps that create (or prevent) change in life – particularly your finances. Merely making sense of where you are in life and what led to the decisions you have, or haven’t made, is incredibly empowering.”

Simon Jones added, “Various studies have identified the disconnect between our current and future selves. This is why we struggle to stop bad habits or start good ones, like saving for our future. When I can encourage clients to, as Jim puts it, ‘F,all in love with their future selves’ we can really start to feel the pull towards it.

“A lot of my work focuses on the third act of our lives, more commonly known as retirement. The most successful retirees I have worked with are those that retire to something rather than from something. Those filling their days with purpose and passion enjoy a much more rewarding retirement than those who stopped working because they can no longer stand it.

“I often get asked ‘how much do you need to retire’, the fact is that we will all retire on the same thing, 168 hours a week. How you chose to fill them will determine the success of your third act.”

Pictured above: Anita Jaynes, Jim Hughes and Simon Jones.

Our next Big Brekfast is on Thursday 19th September. The theme for this event is ‘going green’ – looking at how we can all be more sustainable in life and business. Our guest speakers will be Dave Phillips and Rob Allison from Auditel, who specialise in helping businesses understand their carbon footprint, looking at how to reduce it, measure it and put in place a verifiable strategy.

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