3 Tips for preparing you and your team for a promotional event

By Anita Jaynes on 14 February, 2023

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As a business owner, product design and development will be among your top priorities. Everyone wants to create the next hit product, with companies constantly striving for innovation and uniqueness in the goods they produce and sell.

However, it doesn’t matter how amazing your product is if it is not promoted correctly. After all, how can someone buy something if they have never heard of it? This is why advertising, marketing, and promotion are such fundamental cornerstones of successful business. We’ve put together three tips for preparing you and your team for a promotional event. Check them out below.

What is a Promotional Event?

The term promotional event is very broad and can encompass a variety of different things. It could be the launch of a new product at your store or retail location, an installation at a trade show, or even live-streaming the reveal of a new product or service via your company’s social media accounts.

In today’s oversaturated market, promotional events are absolutely essential. They are used to drum up new business, gather information on leads, drive sales, and market your brand to a wider audience. They’re a vital tool that, as a business owner, you simply cannot afford to ignore. Successful promotional events can be key to stimulating your company’s growth.

So, now that we know what a promotional event is and why they are so important, how can you properly prepare you and your team to ensure yours is a success? Let’s find out.

Hire Event Staff

Some promotional events can be relatively small, while others can be large-scale events featuring hundreds of people. Regardless, it is absolutely imperative that your event runs smoothly and that there are no major delays or disruptions. A poorly organised event can have the opposite intended effect, and people will likely remember the chaos rather than the product you have on show. What’s more, a disorganised promotional event can reflect badly on your company and negatively impact brand image and reputation.

This is why hiring specialist temporary staff for your promotional event is so important. Speak toweareeventpeople.co.uk, they can provide you with a knowledgeable team of staff who will assist in the running and management of your promotional event. The team at Event People have previously worked with big brand names such as Nike, so they know exactly what goes into running a successful event and how to maximise results.

Make Sure Your Team Know Their Stuff

In the lead up to your promotional event, it is vital that your team is clued up and knows exactly what they are talking about. They should know the ins and outs of your new product, and your company as a whole, so that they can effectively and successfully field any questions that might be put to them during the event.

If they come across as unsure or ill-informed, this can reflect badly on both your product and your company. Your team should have all the information they need to answer any question a customer might have about your new product. Doing so will make you and your company appear focused, dedicated, and knowledgeable, which can help secure conversions and turn leads into sales.

Incorporate Your Promotional Material

Your promotional event isn’t just to sell one product, it should also be used as an opportunity to raise awareness of your brand as a whole. Wherever your event is being held, be it your store or an exhibition space, make sure you decorate the area with lots of promotional and branding material. Brand recognition is essential, creating a sense of familiarity will help consumers come to trust your business and will make them far more likely to purchase goods and services from you.


When it comes to launching a new product or service, often the most effective way to do so is through a promotional event. These can help you spread the word to a large number of potential customers and can help promote your larger business. However, it’s important that you and your team are ready, your team should be fully informed about your new product and your event should feature lots of branding material. Additionally, don’t forget to hire specialist temporary staff to ensure your event runs smoothly.