What To Look Out For When Returning To The Office Post-Pandemic

By Anita Jaynes on 9 March, 2021

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Work hasn’t quite been the same for millions of people over the last year. Ever since the pandemic hit and we entered the first lockdown, many employees and business leaders have had to change the way they do things.

With the situation gradually lessening, some people are gearing up to return to the workplace for the first time since March 2020. However, before everyone can go back, a few maintenance checks should probably be done first. After all, if the office has been unoccupied for a long time, things might not be the same as they were when you left.


Even if you did a deep clean of your office before shutting down for the pandemic, that doesn’t mean it will still be spotless a year later. At best, you’ll have a lot of dust to deal with. However, worst-case scenarios might entail leaks or mould, which could be dangerous for workers to return to.

Hopefully, everything will still be in relatively good condition, and all you’ll have to worry about is doing another deep clean. Regardless of what state the office is in, though, improving the hygiene of the place is essential. You don’t want the workplace to become a breeding ground for COVID-19, so the environment must be as clean as possible.

Pest Infestations

Just because you haven’t been using the office over the last year, that doesn’t mean no-one else has. Some creatures may have made this space their home, which could present a few problems when your staff return.

It’s worth doing a thorough check of the place to see if there are any droppings, scratch/bite marks, nests, or other indicators of an infestation. Should you find anything, you’ll want to call an expert pest control company.

Owl Pest Control has a huge variety of interventions that can help you remove mice, ants, silverfish, or other creatures that may have taken up residence in your office. They can also help with preventative measures to ensure that these pests don’t return to stake a claim on the property at a later date.

Faulty Electrics

A lot can happen if you leave a place unoccupied for a year. It’s possible that some of your electrics might have stopped working or become faulty during that time. You’ll want to deal with that, lest you have employees return to work and either not be able to power something, or worse, get electrocuted.

It’s best to hire an electrician to check the place out, as it might be hard to notice any issues yourself. The older the electrics are in the property, the more essential this becomes, as they don’t last forever. Plus, the property should receive regular checks anyway in order to maintain workplace safety.

What’s more, if you have had issues with pests, such as rats or mice, you’ll definitely want to consider having a professional give the office a once-over. After all, those unwelcome guests may well have chewed through a few wires.

Having everyone back in the office will be great after all this time, even if people decide to do some days at home still. However, you’ll want to ensure these issues are all dealt with in advance for the reunion to go smoothly.