The Importance Of Clarity In Your SME

By Anita Jaynes on 25 January, 2021

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Clarity is a hugely important facet of running a firm, but many people underestimate its true value.

Clarity of purpose, internal and external communication is what streamlines your operations and gives you a more coherent sense of your purpose. Unfortunately, many start-ups were going bust long before the coronavirus gripped the world, with a need for more careful management. Therefore, turning your attention to your businesses overall sense of clarity is a great place to begin.

Let’s explore a few reasons as to why great communication is vital to your SME.

Clarity of ambition and purpose

Every SME needs a dose of ambition to get the ball rolling, but if one isn’t careful business objectives can become muddled by being overly ambitious too quickly. The business suffers from competing and overlapping priorities, and employees lose direction are not clear about their roles.

If your SME claims to be the best of the best and masters of everything, then it doesn’t take anyone else long to figure out the lie. Tempering ambitions can be a fix for this problem. Tailor your business objectives and a focus on performing a singular service well, however, will give your firm a structure that is more easily comprehended by all. It is better to list your USPs and replace sweeping statements with something more real.

Clarity of communication

Of course, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it matters also too.

Very few people today have the time or inclination to sit through long and dull articles or pages of information that are not well edited and formatted, whether in print or on the web. Millions of words are wasted by businesses that aren’t 100% clear about what their customers (and staff) need to hear and know about.

Video marketing has exploded in size in the last few years, but equally people don’t want to be beset by long videos of people rambling about the busines. It’s not the length of your content that matters per se, but how effectively you use your time.

To better understand what you need to achieve here, it’s best to consult the experts in corporate video production. The highly recommended VLZ will help you get an incredible corporate video off the ground, as they understand that smaller firms can reap huge benefits from tailored video content. However, they also have an aptitude for slick, snappy, and efficient messaging in what they produce, working with you closely to deliver your key messages. They’re great listeners, and great communicators always are.

Internal communciation

The way the workplace communicates can have a lasting effect on employee moods, and that goes on to impact many other things too like job appreciation, productivity, and staff turnover.

For example, in 2018 the BBC once ran a story on workplace jargon. A few months later, they published an insightful follow up feature, stating that they “could not have imagined it would hit so many of our readers’ raw nerves.” Certain buzzwords were listed to be among the worst that are in constant circulation, slowly niggling away at the patience and comprehension of workers.

It’s not about eliminating jargon, but rather using it only when essential. When utilising it, try to organically integrate the buzzwords into what you’re trying to say. Otherwise, people are simply left scratching their heads, wondering why you are using broad terms instead of more specific language and phrasing. An overreliance on this kind of dialogue can be perceived as smoke and mirrors, rather than contributing to a meaningful and precise discussion.