Staying productive when working from home

By Anita Jaynes on 3 December, 2020

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When you’re working from home, there are many distractions that are constantly vying for your attention. If you’re working from home on the weekends due to the pandemic, then there is also a strong chance your kids will be bumbling around the house too, so there could be many challenges there depending on how they behave! 

Many home workers are facing a variety of difficulties, but it’s important to persevere and remain productive through it all. But how can this be done? Well, through some geeky uses of tech of course!

Let’s look at some techy tips on staying productive when working from home. 

Virtual Meetings

Many companies are beginning to move all their meetings and events online, mostly as a direct consequence of COVID restrictions nationwide. However, things were going this way long before the virus showed up, as it saves time and money. Still, a virtual meeting or event could well be the ticket to stoking the motivational fires within you and your co-workers, so ensure your equipped and linked up.    

For example, a vigorous pep talk could be had with Webinar guest speakers. These opportunities come curtesy of Speakers Corner, where anyone from your kid’s favourite author, David Walliams, or your most loved Strictly Come Dancing star, Claudia Winkleman, can drop in on business events and speak on the matters at hand. These kinds of encounters can be just what everyone needs to feel inspired and encouraged during these trying times. 

If you’re in the position to make such arrangements, arrange them! Otherwise, recommend the services to the relevant superior – an event with prolific speakers might be just what you and your colleagues need to invigorate everything, and basic tech wizardry makes it all possible.  

Minimise Noise 

Noise cancelling headphones are a god send when everyone is stuck indoors under numerous local and national lockdowns. Invest in some, and you won’t look back. Loud pets and kids can’t be heard as soon as you plop them on, giving you the peace and quiet you need to work your job to the best standard possible. 

Most variations of noise cancelling headphones have great battery life and impressive wireless ranges, making them fantastic investments for your whole family. Everyone can get up and move around freely without interfering in each other’s workflow, making them a versatile piece of equipment. 

Obviously, you shouldn’t wear these kinds of headphones for the entirety of the working day, in case any family members need your attention for something. But when there’s an approaching deadline or you need a quick burst of productivity, noise cancelling headphones can work wonders. 

Optimise Breaks 

The trick to staying productive is not staying busy for the entirety of your working day. Instead, you need to organise and arrange your breaks in such a way that they’re well used and welcome when they arrive. 

Get your creative juices flowing by indulging in some of your favourite techy past times for a moment or two. Watch a quick episode of your favourite show on your computer, play your favourite games console, and generally set this time aside for yourself and the geeky quirks you hold dear. Enjoy your break!

It can be tempting on breaks to do some washing up, cleaning, or attend to some other household chore, but you’re not necessarily giving your mind and body a rest if you choose to do these things. Instead, devote some time to rewarding yourself so that you’re ready to hit the work harder on your return.