Reopening your business to customers slowly

By Anita Jaynes on 28 January, 2022

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With the pandemic dying down, many entrepreneurs have started to explore the options they have for reopening their businesses to physical customers. There are lots of points to consider here, starting with various strict government regulations. But equally important is the fact that you should pay attention to the health of your workers and customers. There are various things you can do to improve the safety of your business in this regard – let’s take a look at what your options are.

An Aggressive Approach to Sanitising

You can’t get too aggressive with sanitising your premises, especially if you’re anticipating significant foot traffic. Sometimes hand sanitiser and masks just won’t cut it. In this case, you should consider something a bit more advanced, like a mobile UVC sanitising unit. Companies like VIOA have significant experience in the field and can provide you with appropriate solutions, and it’s worth starting with someone renowned like them. This will also give you the benefit of getting some additional input on what exactly you need to adjust to make your premises safer.

Ensure Rules Are Observed by Everyone

Safety rules are often annoying, but when it comes to times like these, there’s no excuse for not following them to the letter. There are various points that you have to pay attention to in order to ensure that everyone stays safe, and if even just one person strays from their responsibilities, it will all go downhill fast. To this end, you might have to get a bit strict, but do whatever it takes to ensure that people are aware of all rules and are following them properly. Penalise those who don’t if you have to. It might be uncomfortable for all sides at first, but people will get the idea sooner or later.

Pay Attention to Changes in Regulation

Remember that regulations are changing rapidly in this situation, and you can never be too sure that you’re fully compliant. Always pay attention to new developments on that front and talk to consultants if you have to. In some cases, you might have to react practically immediately after learning of a specific new change. Even if you don’t, it can be good to have some extra time to prepare your assets and get everything organised properly. Sometimes you won’t need to put in any significant amount of extra work to keep things compliant. In other cases, you might have to significantly redo some parts of your operation, even if just temporarily. Pay close attention to that front!

Professional consulting services are generally a good idea if you want to spare yourself some trouble here. A lot can go wrong that you might not even be aware of until it’s too late, and it’s important to ensure that you’re always on top of these changes. Sometimes this can mean a significant financial investment, but given the current circumstances, there’s not really much you can do to avoid that, and it’s best to ensure that you stay compliant every step of the way.