AM to PM with Sarah Baker

By Anita Jaynes on 27 September, 2016

A one day working diary from rise and shine to lights out.

Every Tuesday we delve into the day-to-day diary of a member of the local business community. This week we put the spotlight on Sarah Baker, area manager for Regus Express Leigh Delamere and Membury.

Regus is the flexible workplace provider with 3000 locations worldwide and 382 in the United Kingdom alone. Locally they have Regus Express sites in Leigh Delamere, Chippenham and Membury Services on the M4. The space is perfect for workers on the move needing to grab some quiet time and WIFI access, or for meeting with a client or colleague in an easy-to-access location.

What time does your alarm go off?

My alarm is set for 6am Monday to Friday.  The spring and summer months are relatively easy to wake, autumn and winter months are a different story altogether!  It would be very dangerous if I pressed snooze a couple of times, so I rise immediately.

What’s the first thing you do?

My mornings are treated as a military operation, like most working single mums and have to run like clockwork. Whilst the kettle is boiling for my first strong coffee to set me up perfectly for the day ahead, I jump into the shower. Organisation and pre-planning are paramount to every successful and productive morning!

What do you do for lunch?

Lunch is always a working lunch whilst sat at the laptop.  Workaholic springs to mind! Or could that be alcoholic?!

What do you love most about your job?

No day is the same in my position, always expect the unexpected; variety is the spice of life.  My clients are the most rewarding part of my job all unique in their own special ways.

What’s the worst part of the job?

The worst part of my job is the early starts in the winter, travelling to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.

What executive tool/gadget could you not live without?

I cannot  live without my phone.  This is my lifeline to emails, calls, news, weather and social media.  Like most of us now this is one of the most essential tools for work and personal life. Without it, I’d feel like I’d lost a limb!

What do you do after work?

After work I try and visit my local gym.  I attend RPM (spinning) classes, Pump (weights class) and the gym for a quick cross trainer session. Not only does this help with my mind, body and soul, (and my weight now I have hit a certain age), it also helps me to de-stress.

If you changed direction, what would be your Plan B?

If I changed direction I would like to work with vulnerable young children and adults. Helping and supporting them with their journey in life.

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